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There is absolutely nothing guilty about the pleasure of reading.

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I NEED a sprint. 30 minute at :30 anyone?

I’m in. I just finished one & need to make significant progress on the other I’ve got going now.

Right, so I had never had stage fright until my first major production (Sears Festival Canada, huge audience). Suddenly I wanted to faint, or puke, or run or possibly do all three. Throughout the festival I found some great remedies to my new found fear.

Things you can do alone:

1. Breath. You would think this one would be obvious, but as anyone who has ever panicked knows, it is not. Take deep, exaggerated, but still controlled breaths. Use your diaphragm. The oxygen will essentially deactivate your fight or flight response; it tricks your body because your body knows that if it is taking deep, slow breaths then it has no reason to be frightened. Your adrenaline goes down. Our bodies are easy to trick like that.

2. Pump yourself up. This one is good for before you are in the wings, in the wings it may be too loud. Basically, run, jump, do loud vocal exercises that will energize you but not strain your voice. A great one is to count up to ten while making wild movements with one arm and making strange, LOUD sounds, count back down from ten while doing your other arm, then could up to ten doing your leg, keep up the noises, then count down using your other leg, then roll your neck GENTLY. No injuries before a show. Then basically do a HeMan roar. It feels great, it feels silly, it will help you relax. If there is some place you can do the Pump in public then EVEN BETTER! Its kind of like exposure therapy; by embarrassing yourself a little in front of strangers and possibly audience members you have nothing to fear about embarrassing yourself on stage because YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE IT!

3. Preemptively be very well rehearsed. The better you know your stuff the more you can rely on muscle memory if your brain freaks out.

4. Learn to love the adrenaline rush. Like a rock climber, or a bear wrestler. You get the same metabolism boosting kick but without any actual danger.

5. IMPORTANT. Do not equate mistakes on stage to personal failure. You’re there, its fun, stuff happens, the audience probably won’t know, and MISTAKES ALWAYS HAPPEN IN SHOWS NO MATTER HOW PREPARED. Take the pressure to perform off of your self and just…Perform.

6. Stay limber. Less muscle tension = less stage fright. 

7. Stay in practice. Talk to strangers (not creepy ones and not ones who have body language which indicates a desire to be left alone), if you are in school you will likely have to be presenting material, don’t be afraid to be a bit quirky or strange around people you have never met and will never see again. Assume a persona at Starbucks from time to time; Improv practice is an excellent way to fill in dropped lines or move along halting scenes if you (or a cast member) ever do freak out.

8. Do improv. See reasons above. 

9. Never break character or hiss things like ‘that’s not your line’. Ever. The same goes for your cast members. 

10. Eat plain bread to calm a queasy stomach. If food is permitted back stage which it may not be.

Things you can do with people (preferably other cast members who will be in the wings with you and also freaking out)

1. Give hugs.

2. Receive hugs.

3. Perhaps introduce the Pump and make it a group activity.

4. Do group breathing.

5. Do group warm up. Even if you have already warmed up, it might be just the distraction you need.

6. Run lines. Not too loudly, the show is about to start.

7. Don’t freak out if when you run lines you can’t remember them; running lines is a reminder, it is not the same as moving through a scene with effect cues and props to remind you of your part.

8. Establish a rule that no one is to break character or hiss things like ‘that’s not your line’. Ever. Not ever. All that does is make people panic more and alerts the audience to the fact that there was in fact a mistake which they may otherwise think was part of the show.

Remember that stage fright is biologically a fear of group rejection; a state which would have killed our early ancestors. You, luckily, are not likely to be cast out on your own if you bugger up a scene or drop line. Sure maybe a few bad jokes will be made, maybe a prissy cast member will glare at you for ‘stealing their moment’ by forgetting a line that led to their part. But in my experience any mistakes caused by stage fright are met with support, encouragement and ingenuity on your part. 

I hope this was helpful. Feel free to ask for more advice or for clarification if any thing in here didn’t make sense. If you didn’t find this helpful, or think I can improve in any way please let me know. (Also I’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes; I have looked over this 3 times but inevitably one typo always escapes).



Invasion begins

yes, come my minions we shall rule this place!!!

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I think about Lenaya and Hugh. Will they know how much I’ve changed this year? Will they have changed too? I’ll wait until tomorrow to find out. And then it’s possible I won’t find out after all. Because some changes happen deep down inside of you. And the truth is, only you know about them. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.
Judy Blume, Tiger Eyes


Every reader has had one those months where they just can’t make it more than five pages per day. August was one of those months for me. In order to make up for the short supply of selection for this month’s books I’ve added a mystery book feature. If you win and select the mystery book I will send you a book that I recommend based off of your Tumblr content and a short bookish survey.

The available books this month are:

To Enter:

  • Follow Becki’s Bookshelf on Tumblr
  • Reblog the monthly post and cite one of the listed books that you would like to receive

The Rules:

  • Must be following Becki’s Bookshelf. These giveaways are only for my super awesome followers.
  • Must enter with an active blog - no giveaway bot blogs. I will be checking.
  • The winners have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.
  • These giveaways are International.
  • The winner will choose one of the the offered books in paperback or digital format only.
  • The book will be from the Book Depository or Amazon, therefore the winner must be willing to give me a shipping address.
  • Reblog as often as you want just don’t swamp your followers and make people hate me. Likes don’t count as an entry.
  • Giveaways are run on US CST (GMT -6). Any reblogs posted after 11:59 PM CST on September 30th will not be valid.

mystery book!!!!

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philly zoo birb!!!

EY MUMS i foudn the paints I CREAT a matsterpiece on the outside of mey selfs  I call ROLLARBOUTS ina paintus now rainbows

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Puppy’s First Hike

I climbed this rock

This my rock

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